Case Study 1:


Challenge-10 year old financially sound flooring company encountered lending limit at the bank

Solution- Axiom Capital was able to provide an extra 200k per month in credit to help grow their business. In return, they had better relationships with their suppliers which led to increased discounts. 


Case Study 2:- 

Industry- Construction

Challenge- Framing company couldn't bid on larger jobs, because they were still waiting to get paid by the general contractor.

Solution- Through progressive billing, Axiom Capital was able to advance 80 percent of the invoice each month helping them increase their cash flow problems. They now had money for payroll, and were able to pay off the suppliers in a timely manner increasing their credit score. 


Case Study 3:

Industry- Business Services

Challenge- A janitorial company wanted to grow. However, he was always waiting to get paid on his commercial contracts. Without any cash flow coming in, they couldn't hire more staff because they couldn't afford the payroll. 

Solution-Axiom Capital advanced them the cash they needed, and double their company within 6 months leading to increase revenue. 

Case Study 4: 


Challenge- An established trucking company was already using a factoring company to help them with their receivables, however, they were experiencing charge backs, and bad customer service. 

Solution-Axiom Capital dedicated more time to collections, and making sure the broker had received the paperwork to eliminate charge backs, and made sure we treated them like they were our only client. 


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